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Our IT expertise at your service

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IT Specialists
in Geneva

We offer our expertise in IT services and consulting to not only to Geneva based companies and the surrounding areas, but also throughout the world 

Our consulting and project management specialists are at your service to jointly work on plans and processes to improve your IT infrastructure in the internet context of today and tomorrow.

Examples of our services :

• Support for IT architecture solutions
• Remote administration
• Training
• Planning, design, deployment and complete configuration of IT infrastructures
• Upgrades of Windows Server (OS, virtual machines and physical hardware)
• Migration of Windows (XP, Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8)
• Planning, design, deployment and configuration of backup solutions (Veeam, BackupExec, Acronis)
• Design and deployment of network infrastructure
• DNS Server Deployments
• Support systems Unix / Linux
• Open Source Solutions
• Web Design
• Blogs
• E-commerce Websites
• CMS Websites
• Social Networks

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Dedicated contact


“ Having a dedicated contact person for all your IT requests is a comparative advantage 

With Unity Web, managing day to day IT tasks becomes a real pleasure. Our expertise is at your entire disposal for the resolving all your requests. We believe that IT management should not be a source of stress.

Amongst others, our offer includes:

1. Phone support in French or English
2. Our expertise on all platforms: PC, Mac, Linux
3. Regular Maintenance: control of backups, update of the antivirus, upgrading of the software
4. An account manager, dedicated to your company, responsible for ensuring that you receive a high level of service.

Why should you consider working with Unity Web ?

Our rates are transparent and we invest in the training of our staff, in order to be always at the forefront of technology, thus maintaining a high level of service quality.

We have years of experience in the field, we accompany you in the long term, we are with you in every IT step you’ll take.

We are confident that we can help and support you in your path to success.

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infrastructure IT

“ Evolve your IT structure! 

Together we will evolve your infrastructure in order to meet at best your business needs.

Resource and mobility requirements are changing. We take the challenge to help you improve the architecture of your infrastructure by making it more flexible, scalable and secure.

With the emergence of Cloud, Big Data and mobility it is necessary to find innovative ways to meet the increasingly demanding business needs. Greater flexibility, faster service, better results.

Our consulting and management services provide you with the resources and necessary capabilities to assess, design, build and manage your IT environment.

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Virtual Offices


“ Enjoy the benefits of cloud at your own pace

You can benefit from all our expertise in Microsoft solutions, VmWare and Citrix and we assist you in consulting, demonstration, implementation, deployment, maintenance and planning. Our experience is at your disposal also for some of the leading backup software solution such as: Veeam, BackupExec and Acronis.

By migrating your existing server infrastructure to a virtual environment you benefit from the following advantages

• Reduce operating costs of your servers up to 75% by reducing your electricity bills and maintenance costs.
• Unified management: you manage all your servers through a single management console.
• The High Availability (HA) allowing you to minimize downtime and improve service availability, thanks to the implementation of protection from HA failover.
• Accelerated deployment and use of virtual installation images for rapid deployment machines. ‘vSphere’ technology ensures that all images dispose of the latest operating systems and recent updates

Your benefits

1. A flexible and scalable solution – virtual offices with all your office tools “upon request.” Access your virtual office from any device based on Windows, Mac or Linux with a simple Internet connection.
2. An optimized desktop experience
3. Customize your desktop – each virtual desktop can be customized according to the needs of each individual user.
4. Improved business continuity – full data encryption for virtual desktop access both internally and externally. Centralized anti-virus and deployment of protection and management of Malware

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Network Cabling


“ For over 15 years, Unity Web offers a service of configuration and deployment of network cabling for small and medium businesses! 

Our team of engineers wire and configure your network infrastructure with the latest high quality products while respecting you budget and deadlines agreed with you.

Our service covers wiring:

• patch panels
• lattice points
• switches
• VOIP wiring
• Patch Management
• patch labeling
• network diagrams in Visio, Cat5e, Cat6, and Cat6a Cat7
• structured cabling.

The benefits of upgrading your cabling infrastructure include reducing network downtime, increase of data flow and reduction of bottlenecks.

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Remote Support


“ Try the efficiency and speed of remote support to help your team 

Whether you are on a PC or Mac, our online assistance supports you in the following areas:

• Technical Troubleshooting emergency
• Software Installations
• Installation of devices

Quick and easy, simply contact us by phone or email to obtain our support.

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